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Racine Alpha explores value generating Business Models for the Financial Sector.

Finance being the lifeblood of sound economic growth, it is driven by the current paradigm shift to reinvent itself in order to maximize its role as catalysts of sustainable economic growth.

Therefore, Racine Alpha explores ideas conducive to developing value generating Business Models for the Financial Sector by integrating new realities regarding:

Client Needs - Risk - Regulation - Technology - Sustainability

We do so with a multidisciplinary approach and by involving various actors of the finance value chain:

Cash Owners – Financial Intermediaries – Project Bearers

In view of enriching the process and findings we also involve members of other disciplines, the scientific community as well as from the public sector.

The goal is to promote the emergence of Finance 2.0 that is viable, resilient as well as efficient and thereby conducive to dynamic growth.

Interested in exploring Finance 2.0 or in sharing insights on these topics?

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